Apple abandons plans to develop MicroLED displays for Apple Watch

By Julie Clover

Apple has completed a project to develop microLED displays in-house, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reported, refuting his previous report on the technology's development. Apple has invested billions of dollars in developing microLED displays and plans to first add microLED to the Apple Watch Ultra.

MicroLED was too expensive and difficult for Apple to develop, so Apple is now reorganizing its display development teams and laying off employees in the US and Asia. Some of the laid-off employees may be able to find other positions within the company, while others will be given severance packages.

Rumors that Apple had canceled plans to release an Apple Watch with microLED first surfaced in February when the supplier gone OSRAM said that the “cornerstone project” related to microLED has been cancelled. Soon after, rumors surfaced that Apple had severed ties with Kulicke & Soffa, another company in the advanced display market.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and display supply chain consultants have confirmed that Apple has canceled work on an Apple Watch with micro-LEDs following these rumors, but Gurman said Apple is still I'm still working on the device. In a now-deleted tweet, Gurman said that AMS OSRAM was “one supplier” on the project and that Apple was working with several other suppliers. “I doubt it was cancelled,” he wrote.

DigiTimes and ETNews also suggested that AMS OSRAM was replaced due to declining performance and that Apple had a different supplier, but the information appears to have been incorrect.

MicroLED technology uses microscopic technologies. LEDs for individual pixels. It is more energy efficient than traditional LEDs, providing improved contrast and faster response times. The colors are brighter and better, and there is no risk of burn-in like with OLED. Apple is said to have abandoned the project because it was not economically viable.

Gurman claims Apple will stick with OLED display technology for the Apple Watch “for now,” but the company is “looking at microLED as a alternatives.” other projects in the future.” Apple is “identifying” new potential suppliers and processes for microLED, but “it probably won't happen any time soon.”

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