Another Apple research laboratory on new materials and technologies is opening in China.

Most of Apple's product development work takes place in Cupertino, but the company conducts a number of research labs around the world. Locations include China, France, Israel, Japan, Sweden and the UK. The company today announced plans to open a new lab in China.

Apple has two main motivations for most of the overseas labs it operates, but in the case of this latest example, there's another factor: ;

Primary motives

Primary motives The reason for setting up research laboratories in different countries is to tap into local talent. While some researchers will be happy to move to Cupertino, others want to stay in their home country, so the only way Apple can hire them is by opening labs in strategic cities around the world.

Additionally, Apple is collaborating with academic institutions in each of the interested countries, providing another source of local expertise.

New research in Shenzhen laboratory

In the case of China, political motives probably also apply, but there is a very practical reason for the latter's location. China Daily reports that its headquarters will be in Shenzhen, where many of Apple's suppliers are located.

Apple Inc said on Tuesday it is expanding in China with new applied research labs, the latest step to harness the country's manufacturing and R&D capabilities to make better products.

Isabelle Ge Mae, vice president and managing director of Apple Greater China, told China Daily that “we have already invested 1 billion yuan ($139.4 million) in applied research laboratories in China.” And thanks to the new expansion plan, our investments will continue to grow” […]

US company […] will establish a new applied research laboratory in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, providing stronger support to employees in the region and deepening collaboration with local suppliers.

A local presence will facilitate collaboration between research and manufacturing teams as they try to solve manufacturing problems or set up test production using new materials.

In addition, Apple is expanding its existing research and development lab in Shanghai.

The Pandaily report said one of the labs' focus areas will be how materials and devices withstand challenging environments.

These labs will simulate user behavior in a variety of environments, from extreme temperatures to intense physical activity, to help develop innovative solutions.

Photo of the Shenzhen skyline by 李大毛 没有猫 on Unsplash

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