9to5Mac Overtime: GBA4iOS and Delta developer Riley Testut talks about changes in iOS 17.4 and alternative app stores

Talented GBA4iOS, AltStore and Delta emulator developer Riley Testut joins us to share his insightful thoughts on sideloading alternative apps app stores, new changes in iOS 17.4 allowing apps to be sold in the EU, emulation and the future of the App Store. Fernando and Jeff also discuss their thoughts on the new changes in iOS 17.4, including the features that will be available to all users in all regions.

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Overtime 005: Alternative app store developer Riley Testut talks about changes in iOS 17.4

Video timestamps

  • Welcome, Riley Testut !
  • Development of Delta and AltStore
  • AltStore, an alternative to the App Store
  • Riley's thoughts on the EU DMA changes in iOS 17.4
  • Delta and AltStore user numbers.
  • Apple opens NFC to alternatives to Apple Pay in the EU.
  • Complex changes in iOS 17.4.
  • Alternative app marketplace. Pay for the underlying technology.
  • Many default browser and engine options in iOS 17.4 for EU users.
  • Additional iOS 17.4 changes available to all users.
  • Apple Vision Pro Accessories Roundup
  • Vision Pro Release Day Plans


  • AltStore
  • Delta Emulator
  • Riley Testuta's Patreon
  • Third-party app stores in iOS 17.4 with EU DMA changes
  • Default web browsers in iOS 17.4
  • iOS 17.4 sideloading rights
  • iOS 17.4 NFC opens up as an alternative to Apple Pay
  • Apple now allows game streaming apps on the App Store
  • iOS 17.4 – six new emoticons


  • Fernando Silva
  • Jeff Benjamin

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