YouTube plans to create Apple Vision Pro app, but until then it points users to Safari

No* Google apps are available on Apple Vision Pro at launch, but today YouTube announced that “Vision App Pro is part of [its] roadmap.”

The Verge statement also said Google is focusing on “delivering a great experience for YouTube users in Safari.” No time frame was specified.

“We're excited about the launch of Vision Pro and support it to provide YouTube users with a great Safari experience. We don't have any specific plans at this time, but we can confirm that the Vision Pro app is included in our plans.”

For now, you only get the desktop version of in Safari. It's usable, but the button layout hasn't changed, so all touch objects are very close together and not ideal for eye tracking. It's especially easy to press the wrong control in a video player. However, operating the search bar with your hand is quite fun. (YouTube Music is simpler and works quite well.)

“Vision Pro” sounds like a native client rather than just an iPad compatibility mode, but YouTube didn't provide more details today. As a reminder, YouTube has been offering the Meta Quest app with a 3D/VR layout for some time now. (If you have Vision Pro, a third-party client called Juno is available today.

At launch, Google did not allow any of its iPad apps to run on the Vision Pro (the same applies to the Mac App Store). No longer available in the “Purchased” section.  

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