YouTube launches Playables mobile games for iOS

By Julie Clover

YouTube is the latest company to introduce mobile games available outside of the App Store, and today is announcing the official launch of Playables in the YouTube app.

Playables are free games that you can play on the YouTube website or in the YouTube app for iPhone and iPad. There are over 75 games available, including Angry Birds Showdown and Cut the Rope.

YouTube focuses on “light, fun games,” so many of the options are games that are meant to be played for a short period of time, and no longer games that you can find in the ‌App Store‌. Game progress is saved and YouTube keeps track of all-time best scores.

Playables are available to a small number of users in some markets as YouTube tested the feature, but today games are being rolled out to everyone and are more widely available. Playables can be accessed in the iOS app by going to the Browse menu and selecting the Playables section.

Netflix has been offering a selection of in-app games since 2021 and has started testing games on Apple TV as well. Other companies, such as The New York Times, also offer special games.

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