YouTube Juno app for Apple Vision Pro just received its first update

Google is leaving a YouTube-shaped hole in Apple Vision Pro for now. Luckily, there's Juno to fill the gap for anyone who wants a full VisionOS experience outside of Safari. Juno has now been updated to reflect some early customer feedback, including changes to the main video player's user interface.

Juno (and Apollo) developer Christian Selig Today blogged about the first update to his YouTube player for Apple Vision Pro:

Juno's initial launch blew me away. It was great to release the app on day one of the launch of Apple Vision Pro, and the fact that people were excited about it and received such great feedback made it that much better. […]

After that I got to work and a week later Juno 1.1 is now available and takes a lot of great feedback into account and makes the app much better. I also have some cool stuff coming up for version 1.2 and later, and being able to use them on the device makes creating them a lot more fun.

As for what's new, the update mainly focuses on cleaning up the user interface and optimizing performance. Here's an example of some of the changes, especially for the video player UI:

  • You can now switch between playback speeds more easily.
  • The video scrolling control has been improved (the volume control also uses it) with the new a custom view that expands selection called JunoSlider (soon to be open sourced).
  • The corner radius is less significant during video playback to trim less of the video
  • When video playback controls disappear, the system “capture bar” now also disappears, as this can be a distraction from your immersion.

Another nice change is the addition of a new feature: drag and drop support. Juno can now launch a specific video if you drag and drop a YouTube URL into the app. Other changes include volume improvements, caption support, and performance improvements.

You can read the full changelog here or download Juno for Apple Vision Pro from the App Store.

More details

  • YouTube plans Apple Vision Pro app, directs users to Safari
  • Vision Pro YouTube Juno app is now available (unofficial)
  • YouTube, Spotify and some other popular apps (probably) will not be available in Vision Pro at launch
  • Casey Neistat Vision Pro – from a funny video to a sense of the future.
  • Vision Pro will not allow you to save web applications on the home screen.

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