World War II aerial drama Masters of the Air breaks records for Apple TV+

The new Masters of the Air limited series is the long-awaited continuation of the Band of Brothers and The Pacific franchises. sets records for Apple TV+.

The streamer told Variety that the show drew more viewers in its debut weekend than any original premiere to date, beating out previous heavyweights like The Morning Show and Hijack. And it's putting a halo on Apple's programming around the world.

The company says the entire Apple TV+ platform has reached audiences within seven days of its debut Masters of the Air January 26 – increased by 65%. And since then, the company has maintained double-digit growth in more than 100 countries.

The 9-part limited series, currently airing weekly every Friday, cost an estimated $250-$300 million thanks to an extensive cast led by Austin Butler and Callum Taylor, richly detailed sets, and full-size models of meticulously crafted aircraft B17 and epic visuals that bring the story to life.

While Apple doesn't release exact TV+ viewership or subscriber numbers, it did share some vague tidbits today. indicate that the series was worth the investment. Masters of the Air hails from executive producers Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman, and the entire production staff has Band Brothers heritage. All nine episodes are written by John Orloff.

Air Masters now airs a new episode every Friday. The final will take place on March 15.

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