Workshop: changes and features of iOS 17.4 RC [Video]

iOS 17.4 is a major new iOS update for iPhone users that includes new features to support European Union regulations, making it It is possible to use alternative application marketplaces. However, recent changes are not limited to those falling under EU jurisdiction. iOS 17.4 brings many new changes and features, such as new emoji, new updates to Apple Music and Apple Podcasts, an updated “Hello” text; screen and much, much more.

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Notable updates to iOS 17.4

Podcast Transcription

My favorite change in iOS 17.4 involves the Podcast app. I appreciate this even more because I recently launched a brand new podcast with my colleague Fernando Silva called 9to5Mac Overtime. The Podcast app now includes text transcriptions, which works similarly to viewing song lyrics in Apple Music. While the presenters speak, you will see each word from the transcription highlighted, and the highlighting will be adjusted in real time depending on the playback speed.

Another nice feature of Apple Podcasts transcription is the ability to quickly search for a term and jump directly to a specific part of the show with one tap. I was impressed by the accuracy of the podcast transcription and was surprised at how well it matched my Kentucky accent.

Changes and features of iOS 17.4 RC [Video]

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Apple Cash virtual card numbers and Safari autofill

Apple Cash becomes even more valuable with new virtual card numbers that can be restored on the fly in iOS 17.4. These numbers allow you to use your Apple Cash balance at stores that don't use Apple Pay. It also includes the ability to autofill card numbers in Safari and will even display your Apple Cash balance on the autofill button so you know if you can cover the balance ahead of time.

Recognition music

Shazam's updated integrated music recognition now lets you add songs directly to your Apple Music library or to a specific playlist. Music recognition will also allow you to add classical music tracks to Apple Music Classical.

Anti-Stolen Device Update

Stolen Device Protection gets extra security in iOS 17.4 with a new option that allows you to apply a 1-hour delay across all locations before you can access critical areas of your iPhone. In previous versions of iOS, the security delay was applied only in an unfamiliar location.

Battery status

Apple has updated battery health, separating battery information from charging optimization. It also introduced a new, simpler battery status status similar to what Mac users have. In addition, relevant battery information such as number of cycles, date of manufacture and date of first use is now located directly under Settings → Battery → Battery Health.

Full list&#8217 ;new in iOS 17.4

  • Updated “Hello” Screen
  • New emoji
  • 18 new emoji with a body facing right
  • City digital clock widget
  • Full transcript of the episode on Apple Podcasts
  • >

  • Apple Podcasts Transcripts
  • Podcasts app Home tab replaces Listen Now
  • Music recognition update
  • Music app ” Home”” tab replaces “Listen Now”;
  • Classical music recognition in Apple Music.
  • Updated song title animation on the lock screen.
  • Siri announces messages on any supported language.
  • Anti-stolen device update.
  • Battery status is separate from charging.
  • Battery health status.
  • Additional battery information.
  • Access passwords for web browsers.
  • Apple Cash virtual card numbers 
  • Apple Cash autofill in Safari.
  • Updated dialing background for unknown calls.
  • Quantum Computer Protection for iMessage.
  • App support for streaming games
  • Updated links to TV application channels.
  • Updated “How to watch”” in the TV app.
  • Updated iCloud symbol in the Files app.
  • Updated App Store user settings.
  • Other iOS 17.4 bug fixes.
  • CarPlay updates
  • Beats Solo 4 headphones

9to5Mac view

iOS 17.4 – no is all about changes to EU legislation, but there are also noteworthy updates that will benefit all users, regardless of their location. I've highlighted a few of them in this post, but as you can see from the list above, there are a ton of new changes and features in iOS 17.4, not to mention various bug fixes and security updates.

In my short time with the release, I discovered the stable version of iOS 17.4 RC. This is probably the version Apple will release next week. We'll find out if next week's release will have the same build number 21E217.

What are your favorite new features in iOS 17.4? Sound off in the comments below.

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