Withings has finally added cycle tracking to its app: better late than never

Withings was late in allowing users to track their menstrual cycles, but with the release of their ScanWatch Light – a hybrid smartwatch – users can now track your cycles not only with ScanWatch Light, but also in the Withings app itself. Continue reading below for more details.

The Withing ScanWatch Light hybrid smartwatch allows users to add cycle data directly from their wrist, and now users can also track their periods in the Withings app. Many companies have enabled cycle tracking for quite some time now: Fitbit launched cycle tracking on its platform in 2018, and Apple and Garmin debuted cycle tracking in 2019. Even though Withings is a few years behind, it's better. late than never.

Why might it be important to start tracking your cycle? According to Withings:

Irregularities and changes in menstrual periods are very common. Tracking the symptoms, phases, and length of your menstrual cycle month by month can help you understand your unique cycle patterns.

Withings also notes on its ScanWatch Light product page that it is important to compare cycle tracking with other health metrics to get a more complete picture of your overall health:

It is important to monitor your menstruation as significant changes may be associated with other health problems. Comparing your menstrual cycle data with other indicators, such as your heart rate, breathing rate, or sleep quality, can help you recognize the connection between your reproductive health and the rest of your body.

It’ It's hard to argue that with all this data, you can't at least understand your body better if you compare the various metrics available to you.

How to access cycle tracking in the Withings app

There are two ways to access cycle tracking in the Withings app. In the Tutorials section:

  1. Open the Withings app.
  2. Go to Devices > ScanWatch Light.
  3. Tap Tutorials.
  4. Scroll down until you see “Welcome to Cycle Tracking!”

Alternatively, you can access Cycle Tracking through the Screen Customization section:

  1. Open the Withings app
  2. Go to Devices > ScanWatch Light
  3. Go to All Settings > Display Options > Setup screens.”
  4. Click “Activate” next to “Cycle Tracking.”

Once you have access to cycle tracking, you will be asked to answer some questions that will help improve the accuracy of the data collected for you.

For more information about on how to navigate Withings’ cycle tracking, visit their support page.

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