Windows 11 brings Apple's 'iPhone as a webcam' feature to Android

Redmond, turn on the copiers! After recently innovating in Windows with apps centered and docked at the bottom, Microsoft is catching up with macOS in a more useful way. The Verge's Tom Warren reports that Windows 11 is gaining the ability to use your phone as a webcam.

Apple has expanded the continuity camera feature so that iPhone cameras could replace Mac webcams in 2022. This feature is really useful for achieving higher accuracy during video calls.

The Microsoft version will require an Android phone running Android 9 or later, Warren reports:

Phone Link in Windows 11 will now enable the ability to access recent photos or use your phone as a webcam in video conferencing apps. Starting today, this feature will be available for testing by Windows Insiders on devices running Android 9 or later and Link to Windows app version 1.24012* or later. To turn it on, look into the Bluetooth and mobile devices settings menu, select “Manage devices” and allow your computer to access your Android phone.

At this rate, Windows 11 should have the Apple version of the AR reactions feature is inconvenient will be implemented by 2026. Either way, great news if you have to use Windows!

This feature also supports Android tablets, and the Microsoft version has a few extra tweaks, such as “the ability to switch between the front panel.” and rear camera, pause the stream during breaks and enjoy the effects provided by your mobile mode,” according to their blog post.

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