WhatsApp gets new text formatting options in latest update

by Tim Hardwick

WhatsApp has added new text formatting capabilities to its chat platform, allowing users to send each other messages ranging from shopping lists to step-by-step instructions mid-conversation.

After Wednesday's update, WhatsApp users can now use bulleted and numbered lists, block quotes, and built-in code for more efficient communication.

The new formatting options complement the existing bold, italic, strikethrough, and fixed-space formats that have long been available to WhatsApp users.

How to use WhatsApp's new text formatting options

  • Bulleted list: A new line begins with a – (dash) followed by a space.
  • Numbered list: Starts a new line with 1 or 2 digits followed by a period and a space.
  • Blocking quotes: Start a new line with a > character followed by a space.
  • Inline Code: Enclose any code or text you want to highlight with a ` (backtick) character.

All WhatsApp text formatting options (Image: WhatsApp)

Last month, WhatsApp introduced its own sticker creator tool for iPhone users running iOS 17 or later. WhatsApp also plans to add password support in a future update, allowing iPhone users to sign in to the app using Face ID, Touch ID, or their device's passcode.

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