VisionOS 1.1 includes the ability to remove most pre-installed applications.

Delete pre-installed applications in VisionOS 1.1

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Apple Vision Pro users may have noticed that most apps come pre-installed Apple cannot be uninstalled, but that changed with the release of VisionOS 1.1.

Apple includes 15 native VisionOS apps pre-installed, and only two of them could be removed in version 1.0: Keynote and Encounter Dinosaurs. In VisionOS 1.1, Apple allows users to uninstall eight other apps.

According to code discovered by AppleInsider in VisionOS 1.1 Release Candidate, users can now delete Apple TV, Music, Mindfulness, Freeform, Notes, Mail, Files and Tips. This leaves Safari, Photos, Messages and the App Store undeletable.

VisionOS does not have any form of application organization. The only folder Apple added is filled with compatible apps natively built for iOS or iPadOS.

The first page is reserved for pre-installed Apple applications. Each subsequent page is filled with third-party applications, sorted in alphabetical order.

Removing pre-installed apps does not provide much benefit to the user other than cosmetics as they do not take up much storage space.

visionOS 1.1 will be released alongside iOS 17.4 and other updates soon as these updates contain changes critical to EU DMA compliance. The DMA compliance deadline is March 6th, so expect VisionOS 1.1 to be released before then.

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