Vision Pro's robust accessibility features are showcased in a new video: Hands-Free Navigation.

Like all Apple platforms, VisionOS includes a robust set of accessibility features for Apple Vision Pro. In a new YouTube video, Ryan Hudson Peralta demonstrates the following accessibility features: Hands-Free Navigation.

Peralta explains:

I'm going to tell you why I I think Apple Vision Pro is the most accessible technology ever created. This video covers everything from revolutionary accessibility features to my personal experiences and the improvements I hope to see.

Join me as I explore the key features that make the Vision Pro an outstanding device for people with disabilities. I'll introduce you to audio actions that allow me to control a device using just the sounds of my mouth, eliminating the need for repetitive voice commands.

The audio action accessibility feature in VisionOS is one that Peralta returns to repeatedly. Apple explains that Sound Actions let you make sounds for actions like tapping, centering apps, opening Capture, accessing Control Center, adjusting volume, taking screenshots, scrolling up or down, and activating Siri on Vision Pro.

In his video, Peralta talks about how Sound Actions helps him operate the Vision Pro hands-free.

“When I first started using Apple Vision Pro, I turned on voice control and said “tap, tap, tap, tap.” And they became super-super-repetitive” He says. “So I turned off voice control and discovered audio actions, and it's incredible.

You can watch Peralta's full video below. This is truly a stunning look at Vision Pro's impressive suite of accessibility features. I also recommend reading Shelley Brisbin's story about the availability of Vision Pro on the Six Colors website.

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