Vision Pro supports AirPlay mirroring to iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and other devices.

Apple has confirmed more details about AirPlay support in Vision Pro. According to the company, Vision Pro supports AirPlay at up to 1080p resolution to mirror your image in Apple Vision Pro on any AirPlay-enabled device.

Apple says:

Up to 1080p AirPlay for mirroring your browsing in Apple Vision Pro on any AirPlay-enabled device, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV (2nd generation or later), or AirPlay-enabled smart TV.

Apple has added a new AirPlay Receiver feature to iPhone and iPad as part of iOS 17.2. Apple says this feature allows you to stream or share content from the Apple Vision Pro to your iPhone.

The ability to AirPlay content from the Vision Pro to other devices will be useful for people showing off various features to others that you don't carry yourself Vision Pro.

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