Vision Pro introduces a Callsheet feature that provides easy access to TV and movie data.

Last summer I wrote about Callsheet, an app developed by Casey Liss and described as “a personalized version of IMDB.” Callsheet has been a staple on my iPhone's home screen since it launched, making it quick and easy to find detailed information about any TV show or movie I'm watching.

Starting today, Callsheet is officially available on Apple Vision Pro with a fully native VisionOS app.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Casey explained that Callsheet in VisionOS is not just an iPad app running in compatibility mode. Instead, he made sure that Callsheet became a “good citizen of the platform.” in Vision Pro with built-in application:

Callsheet for VisionOS is completely native. The vast majority of the code is used by iOS, iPadOS and VisionOS applications. However, Callsheet doesn't run in compatibility mode – it's a full-featured app for VisionOS.

I skipped that app and made Callsheet a good citizen of the platform. The VisionOS version of Callsheet uses accent color much more sparingly, uses depth where possible, and includes background materials where necessary. I've already found a couple of places where things go wrong, but I'm hoping to have a new release out in the next couple of weeks that will correct these omissions.

As I wrote in my original review Last August's Callsheet app takes data from the movie database and turns everything into its own app for iPhone and iPad. Using Callsheet, you can search for actors, TV shows, movies, writers, directors, and more.

I've watched a ton of movies and TV shows on Vision Pro over the past month, and I've found myself missing Callsheet more than once. With today's launch, my long national nightmare is over and I can always have quick and easy access to Callsheet's treasure trove of data.

Callsheet is available on the App Store as a free download with a very reasonable in-app subscription of $1/month or $10/year. One subscription gives you access to Callsheet on iPhone, iPad and Apple Vision Pro.

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