Vision Pro helps surgeons plan and visualize procedures performed with a surgical robot.

Vision Pro is used for a wide range of health and medical applications, with Apple highlighting an application that helps surgeons plan and visualize surgeries performed using a surgical robot.

The company says the device also helps introduce nurses to new medical equipment, which reduces anxiety when they start using the kit in real-world applications …

Apple says Vision Pro developers are creating apps that change healthcare in many ways.

With the unique capabilities of VisionOS, healthcare developers are creating new applications that were not previously possible, transforming areas such as clinical education, surgical planning, training, medical imaging, behavioral health and more.

Surgical planning

One surgical planning app combines two technologies: robotic knee and hip surgery using Vision Pro.

When surgeons use Stryker's Mako SmartRobotics for total hip, total knee or partial knee replacement, it can help improve patient outcomes such as reduced pain and faster recovery time. , compared to traditional joint replacement surgeries. With the newmyMakoThe Stryker app enhances the surgeon's experience both in and out of the operating room using Apple Vision Pro and iPhone. For better preparation, myMako allows surgeons to visualize and review patients' Mako surgical plans at any time in a stunning, immersive visual experience.

“The myMako app for Apple Vision Pro gives surgeons access to complex surgical procedures. Planning details and analytical information are always at your fingertips in 3D, intuitive and dynamic form. This level of insight—anytime, anywhere—has never been possible before,” said Robert Cohen, Stryker’s president of digital, robotics and assistive technologies. “With Apple Vision Pro, Stryker's market-leading technologies, such as Mako SmartRobotics, have the incredible potential to transform the way surgeons think about preoperative planning and the intraoperative experience, aligning with Stryker's mission to improve healthcare.”

Introducing nurses to new medical equipment

When new equipment is introduced, routine training can leave nurses feeling as though they have theoretical knowledge of how to use it but are unfamiliar with the devices it replaces. The CyranoHealth app aims to solve this problem.

Boston Children's Hospital has developed a comprehensive training system in a safe, public virtual environment. Created for Apple Vision Pro, CyranoHealth focuses on skills related to new medical equipment such as medical infusion pumps, helping to increase confidence and reduce anxiety for frontline workers, starting with nurses. This immersive, multi-sensory approach exposes students to the latest advances in medical technology, helping them prepare to tackle real-world challenges.

“CyranoHealth uses spatial computing to revolutionize healthcare training by offering immersive, realistic simulations to enhance learning and combating burnout. The app represents a significant step forward in healthcare education, combining technology and medicine to create a future-ready workforce,” said John Brownstein, Ph.D., chief innovation officer at Boston Children's.

Apple goes on to describe Vision Pro's other medical applications, such as viewing “immersive, interactive holograms of the human body derived from medical scans”; and an easier way for physicians to perform scheduling tasks. The full press release can be found here.

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