Vision Pro App Store marks return to paid preview apps, early data shows

There are plenty of great Vision Pro apps available now, and early data shows that the App Store for VisionOS is bucking the long-term trend. According to new data from Appfigures cited by TechCrunch, most Vision Pro apps come with a paid download rather than free with in-app purchases.

The average selling price of Vision Pro apps is $5.67. , according to Appfgures.

Data shows that 53% of Vision Pro-only apps are paid downloads. By comparison, only 5% of apps in the App Store on other platforms are pre-paid downloads. Additionally, Appfigures data shows that 35% of Vision Pro apps are not monetized at all through the App Store, and only 13% offer a subscription.

TechCrunch has more details from Appfigures:

The analysis looked at all apps optimized for the Vision Pro, including over 700 apps optimized for the new device. that is, those applications that are intended only for Vision Pro and in others the developer has optimized an existing application specifically to work with the Apple VR/AR headset. However, it does not include the approximately 1.2 million iOS apps that run on Vision Pro but have not been modified by their developers.

Includes iOS apps that have been modified to include the built-in Vision interface. , only 17% were paid downloads, and 58% were monetized through subscriptions.

9to5Mac&# 8217 ;s Take

Whether this trend will continue as Vision Pro and VisionOS as platforms evolve remains to be seen.

An interesting point that I remembered just recently: when it was launched in 2008 app store, it didn't support in-app purchases at all. Instead, the only option for developers was to offer the app completely free or charge an upfront fee for it. The option to monetize in-app purchases only appeared in 2009 and has since become much more popular among developers.

In-app subscriptions, meanwhile, debuted in 2011. At that time, Apple emphasized the use of subscriptions for content-based applications, such as magazines, newspapers, videos, music, etc.

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