Video of Tesla driver in Vision Pro triggers government warning

By Tim Hardwick

The US Department of Transportation has warned Apple Vision Pro owners not to use the headset while driving a car, even if their car is set to semi-autonomous driving mode, due to the obvious danger of posing to themselves and others.

USA. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg took to X (formerly Twitter) to warn drivers that all modern vehicles require the driver to be occupied “at all times.”

The warning comes as drivers wear newly issued Apple spatial devices. The computer headset went viral on social media, one of which Buttigieg reposted.

Another video shows police stopping a man with a headset in a Tesla. The driver later admitted to Gizmodo that it was a “parody” made with the help of friends, and yet he reportedly “drove with the headset on for 30-40 seconds.” Vision Pro has end-to-end video, but overlays interactive virtual content onto the physical space, which will obviously distract the driver.

Apple's Vision Pro support documentation warns users to “never use the device while operating a moving vehicle, bicycle, heavy machinery, or in any other situations ” requiring attention to safety.” Apple recommends using Vision Pro outdoors “only under controlled conditions.”

Avoid situations that could cause you to trip and fall, such as uneven terrain or obstacles you might encounter . . If you are outdoors, avoid extreme temperatures, rain, fog or any moisture. Apple Vision Pro should not be used near roads or in areas where moving objects pose a risk of collision.

Apple Vision Pro launched in the US on Friday, and there are already several videos of people wearing it on YouTube headset while skateboarding on busy streets, walking through airport terminals, subways, and other public places.

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