US sues Apple, complaints about Epic and lack of iPad on AppleInsider podcast

The Department of Justice is going to get Apple's attention' Attention, but new iPads will still appear

Apple is under fire from the US Department of Justice, plus iPads are coming soon, and it looks like there's a lot to be expected from the AirPods and AirPods Max, and that's all about this week's episode of the AppleInsider podcast.

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Apple is currently taking a beating on all sides as it is being sued by the Department of Justice over antitrust claims that range from simply factually incorrect to a little bizarre. However, it may have been the DOJ investigation that prompted Apple to improve its conditions for developers.

And no amount of Apple improvements will ever be enough for Epic Games. But the Fortnite developer's latest legal actions demonstrate an astounding, almost laughable hypocrisy.

However, if Epic Games, the Department of Justice, as well as the EU are going to occupy Tim Cook's every waking hour for months or even years, then what we really want now is the expected launch of new iPads. They're not here yet, but even rumors that disagree on the date are confident they'll be coming soon.

In addition, Apple wants to license Gemini AI from Google — it's a logical step, perhaps an acknowledgment that Apple can't create artificial intelligence, or perhaps something in between.

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  • The US Department of Justice is attacking nearly every aspect of Apple's business in a sweeping antitrust lawsuit.
  • Spotify upset over nine-day app review and criticizes antitrust laws in the EU.
  • Apple calls for 'watchdog' updates” regarding free application developers in the United States. EU worries about fees.
  • The EU's antitrust chief is ready to take on Apple's case over fees and security warnings.
  • Epic and its allies are complaining about Apple's App Store fees in the US, while while they charge for the same
  • Listening on Apple Vision Pro: Audio Pods, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max
  • ShiftCam LensUltra Deluxe Kit Review : Upgrade your iPhone photography
  • In an advertisement for the new iPhone 15, Apple calls 128 GB “a lot of storage space” data storage.”
  • iPhone 16 Pro: what to expect from Apple's flagship phone in the fall of 2024
  • Apple is preparing for the fall release of two new AirPods models.
  • AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max: Apple's line of personal audio devices will inspire in 2024.
  • Apple's new AI training method preserves privacy and could make future Siri more flexible.
  • Apple is in talks to license Google Gemini AI for iPhone
  • Apple's focus on local AI models and licensing LLM programs could be a winning combination, says analyst.
  • Apple is already facing strange criticism for developing artificial intelligence that has not yet launched.
  • iPad Air & According to rumors, the iPad Pro update will be released on March 26.
  • There will be no announcements of the iPad Air or iPad Pro on March 26, says Gurman.
  • Apple to give up profits in less than a day to satisfy class action lawsuit
  • Apple – every second
  • Apple Vision Pro App Store is now available for viewing in web browsers

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