Unreleased Photos of a Black iPod Hi-Fi Showcase an Alternative Color Scheme

Black iPod Hi-Fi [X/@Jose_Cong] ]

Appeared photos of an unreleased black version of the iPod Hi-Fi, showing what consumers might have bought if Apple had not discontinued the audio accessory.

In February 2006, Apple released the iPod Hi-Fi as a boombox speaker system for the iPod, but it was such a failure that it disappeared from the online store in September 2007. Years later, a version of the column appeared that was not a success. In fact, it was not possible to get into retail sale.

Tweets dated February 28 and 29 by Jose Benitez Kong, formerly of Apple and now of Humane, contained photos of a variant of the iPod Hi-Fi that replaced the white housing elements with a black version. The result is an all-black iPod Hi-Fi, which Kong calls “the only black Hi-Fi in existence.”

In his tweets, Kong explains that he “helped build the team behind” the speaker. As for the device itself, he calls it “a design marvel for its time” and believes it may be “the only one to survive” in this particular color scheme.

This black speaker has since been given as a gift to Kong's “good friend.”

The iPod Hi-Fi was a large box with an all-in-one speaker that could be powered by a wall socket or six D-cell batteries. It included a unique isolated cabinet system with two specially designed full-range drivers and a tuned ported bass system to minimize vibration.

It also had a removable front grille, touch-sensitive volume controls, Apple Remote support, and built-in knobs. It will also charge a connected iPod.

Apple's audio efforts have expanded significantly since then, although its speaker offerings include HomePod and HomePod mini.

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