Two US Apple Stores are closing permanently today

By Joe Rossignol

As previously announced, Apple will permanently close its Infinite Loop and Royal Hawaiian retail stores in the United States later today. Apple said all employees at both stores will be given the opportunity to remain with the company.

Apple Infinite Loop
Infinite Loop served as Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California, from 1993 until 2017, when Apple Park opened nearby. The on-campus store is located at street level next to the entrance to the main office building. It sells both Apple products and Apple-branded merchandise such as shirts, refillable bottles, mugs and notebooks.

After the Apple Park visitor center opened in 2017, the Infinite Loop store became redundant. The new and larger Visitor Center features Apple-branded merchandise, a café, a rooftop terrace and an augmented reality model of Apple Park. Apple also has a store in the Valley Fair Mall that serves customers in the area.

“After many years of serving customers at our Bay Area stores, we plan to close our store in the Infinite Loop,” it said. in a statement Apple released last month. The store will close permanently at 18:00. local time today.

The Apple store in Infinite Loop first opened in 1993 as The Company Store and primarily sold Apple-branded merchandise. In 2015, after a renovation, the location became a more traditional Apple retail store, but still did not have a Genius Bar.

Apple Royal Hawaiian
Apple Royal Hawaiian in Honolulu will follow suit and close permanently its doors at 21:00. local time, after more than 15 years in business.

“Apple continually evaluates its retail presence to ensure it is in the best position to provide exceptional service and support to its customers,” the company said in the message. letter to the Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations last year. Apple has two more stores in Honolulu – Ala Moana and Kahala.

Apple operates 271 more retail stores in the United States and this morning opened a new store in Seoul, South Korea.

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