TipTop Beats Apple Trade In with New Unified Buy/Sell Feature

TipTop, the instant exchange service launched by the founder of Postmate, beats Apple's own trade-in service with a new unified trade-in feature and shopping. Notably, unlike other sharing services, it also works for multiple brands.

At TipTop Shop, you can purchase a new or used device and trade in another device at the same time, even if the two products are from different brands. For example, you can trade in an Android phone and buy an iPhone in one transaction, and the trade-in credit will be applied at checkout.

On the other hand, when you sell an Android device to Apple, Apple will give you an Apple gift card rather than an instant credit towards your purchase. TipTop combines all of this into one transaction.

In today's blog post, TipTop wrote:

Now in TipTop Shop you can purchase any product  and at the same time sell any device from any manufacturer. The cross-brand trade-in program is an industry first, as other trade-in programs rely on multi-step transactions, gift cards or other complex processes.

Looking to trade in your Samsung Galaxy for a new iPad? No problem. Apple HomePod mini with a hefty discount on the new Nintendo Switch? I bet. Trade your iPhone for a useless phone? We can help with this. And TipTop can do it all with one click.

How does TipTop do this and Apple and other trade-in services don't? The company's CEO, Bastian Lehmann, explained it to me this way:

There are a lot of pricing models. , logistics and engineering that make these things easy for buyers, and we are willing to put in the effort. It should be much easier than it is for someone to take advantage of the residual value of the things they own. This is a great first step towards that goal.”

If you have some old tech equipment that you want to trade in, TipTop is worth a try. available on the App Store.

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