Tim Cook says Apple will 'break new ground' in generative AI

Julie Clover

Apple held its annual meeting of shareholders today, and during the event, Apple CEO Tim Cook once again commented on Apple's plans in the field of artificial intelligence. Cook said the company will “break new ground” in generative artificial intelligence in 2024. “We believe this will open up transformative opportunities for our users,” Cook said.

In recent months, Cook has made several statements regarding Apple's AI ambitions. Back in November, he said Apple was “investing quite a bit” in AI, and in February he said the company was spending a “tremendous amount of time and effort” on AI, with more details to come later this year. .

Apple is rumored to be adding new generative AI features in iOS 18 and plans to use AI to enhance the capabilities of many built-in iOS apps.

Cook's comments on AI aside, The shareholders' meeting proceeded as usual. As Bloomberg notes, shareholders rejected Apple's offer to provide an AI transparency report detailing whether AI is being used ethically.

Apple's board and executive compensation plans were approved, but shareholder proposals were not accepted. Al Gore and James Bell are set to resign from Apple's board of directors, and the former CEO of Aerospace Corp. will join them. Wanda Austin.

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