Tim Cook meets with developers before the opening of Apple Jing'an

Tim Cook (left) with coffee entrepreneurs at Saturnbird (Source: Tim Cook)

Tim Cook is in Shanghai for the opening of Apple's newest store and is stopped by developers, students and suppliers.

Tim Cook is visiting China today with Deirdre O'Brien, Apple's anti-union retail executive, for the opening of Apple's eighth Jing'an store in Shanghai. In anticipation of the opening, Cook spent yesterday touring the city.

Like any corporation, Apple does not publicly publish its CEO's schedule. But Cook actively posts on Weibo, China's main social media platform.

Cook visits artists and developers

Based on his After breakfast with actor Zheng Kai, Cook went to director Lu Mo's production studio. “[She's] finishing up a short film about girls chasing their lion dance dreams,” Cook wrote.

Filmmaker Lou Mo (center) with Tim Cook (Source: Tim Cook)

“From storyboarding on an iPad to shooting on an iPhone 15 Pro Max “In addition to editing clips using a MacBook Pro,” he continued, “it's great to see how she and her crew use Apple products at every stage of production.” Cook next visited Papergames, the developer of the Nikki and “Love.” Beautiful images and smooth performance demonstrate the high performance of Apple chips on the iPhone and iPad,” Cook wrote.

Tim Cook (right) meets with the developers of Papergames (Source: Tim Cook)

“Thank you for sharing your great entrepreneurial story with me,” he continued, “and your plan to bring the game to Mac and Apple Vision Pro!” ”

Tim Cook uses sign language to thank a supplier (Source: Tim Cook)

“At Apple, we always focus on creating the world's best products for our customers,” Cook wrote later when he met with suppliers BYD, Lansi Technology and Changying Precision. He described them all as “models pushing the limits every day.”

Meeting with clients and students

Afterwards, he visited an existing Apple store Nanjing East Road, located several miles closer to the Huangpu River than the new Jing'an Apple store. He met with clients, as well as artist Wang Shiqing and actor Ji Huangbo

Tim Cook meets artist Wang Shiqing (center) and actor Ji Huangbo (Source: Tim Cook)

“It's a pleasure to spend time with our teams and customers at Apple Nanjing East , including the outstanding Wang Shiqing and Ji Huangbo,” Cook wrote. “Thank you for making it so memorable!”

Cook then approached Apple's Jing'an site by going to Shanghai Jiaotong University, where he met with students developing applications.

Tim Cook with the winners of the App Contest and Swift Student Challenge at Shanghai Jiaotong University (Source: Tim Cook)

“It was a wonderful meeting between the App Contest and Swift Winners of a student competition at Shanghai Jiaotong University,” Cook wrote. “They use programming to solve complex problems, preserve culture, and build successful businesses.”

“We are grateful to the teachers who mentor them,” he continued. — and we love seeing students become mentors themselves.”

Coffee Shop

And finally, before , how to attend the opening of Apple Jing'an, Cook stopped for coffee at Saturnbird and the Three and a Half Meals organization.

“Thanks to the Saturnbird team for showing me how Mac and iPad are great working together to help them make an amazing cup of coffee,” Cook wrote. “Great to see your shared commitment to the environment by recycling and reusing used containers and coffee grounds!”

Deidre O'Brien and Tim Cook open Apple Jing'an (Source: Weibo user)

Cook managed to fit into all these upcoming store opening visits because Apple Jing'an, unusually, opened its doors at 19:00 local time. Although Cook had not announced the opening at the time of writing, other Weibo users captured the moment when he and O' ;Brian met the crowd.

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