TikTok is reportedly working on a new app that will compete with Instagram's photo feed

TikTok is already a competitor to Instagram when it comes to video. However, while TikTok is a video-first social network, Instagram still allows users to post photos to their feed and share 24-hour stories. Now it seems that TikTok is working on a new app that will compete with Instagram's photo feed.

TikTok is working on a new Photos app

As reported by TheSpAndroid (via Matt Navarra), the code was found in The latest version of the TikTok app includes Lots of links to the new version of TikTok Photos. application. According to the website, this new app is very similar to Instagram with a feed where users can share photos with their friends and family.

The lines found by TheSpAndroid invite users to try out the new TikTok Photos app. This also suggests that users will be able to share content from the main TikTok app in the Photos app. Another line describes the app as a place to find “other like-minded people who like photo posts.”

There's no word on when or where TikTok photos will be released, but indications are that it's official the announcement should happen very soon. This comes after several creators complained that Instagram was putting more emphasis on videos and losing its core essence of being a place to share photos.

If this is true, TikTok could benefit from its strong presence on short video segment. launch a new photo app.

Potential TikTok ban in the US

At the same time, TikTok Photos could come at a bad time for ByteDance, the company that owns the platform. That's because the US House of Representatives will vote on a bill this week that could ban TikTok in the US. In a press statement last Friday, President Joe Biden said that if Congress passes the bill, he will sign it.

In response to Biden's statement, TikTok claims that the US government ’ #8220;an attempt to deprive 170 million Americans of their constitutional right to freedom of expression” trying to ban the platform in the country. The government accuses the Chinese company ByteDance of using TikTok to share user data from around the world with the Chinese government.

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