Throwboy releases a giant pillow modeled after the Mac Finder icon

by Julie Clover

Throwboy, known for its line of pillows reminiscent of classic Mac computers, this week released a huge new version of the Apple fan favorite Icon Pillow.

The large Icon Pillow, inspired by the Finder icon on early Mac computers, measures 37 by 37 by 15 inches. the largest pillow Throwboy has created to date. She is made of soft plush material, with fleece eyes and a smile. It's so big that it weighs 16 pounds.

The giant Icon Pillow is the perfect home decor for tech lovers, according to Throwboy. , and its size allows you to snuggle up to it. It's filled with plush poly fill for bounce and is designed to last.

Throwboy makes the Icon Pillow in a variety of sizes, from Jumbo to a more reasonable 13-by-13-inch version. There's also a small pocket Icon pillow and a sad face pillow.

The large Icon pillow is available at Throwboy for $390. It is available in the US, UK and Canada.


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