Things get big with the full project manager capabilities of Apple Vision Pro.

Culture Code's Things, the task system I've relied on for over a decade, will be launching spatially for Apple Vision Pro. The standalone VisionOS app brings a complete set of project management capabilities to Apple's first spatial computer.

Things on Apple Vision Pro is designed specifically for VisionOS. This means users can get the best experience from day one without poor iPad compatibility.

It also allows you to split things into multiple windows that you can arrange to suit your liking, or you can narrow things down to just one. a single task list with no sidebar.

And because Things has extensive support for keyboard shortcuts, you can control your work using a Bluetooth keyboard or using Vision Pro eye and hand tracking and voice input. As you'd expect, the standalone app includes keeping things in sync, so Vision Pro can become a part of your project management workflow just like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac.

Being an all-new native VisionOS app Items for Apple Vision Pro are a one-time fee of $29.99—you won't have to manage in-app purchases or recurring subscriptions. Apple Vision Pro will be in stores tomorrow, and Things for VisionOS will be available in the App Store today. Learn more about Things at

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