These are my favorite HomeKit rugged video cameras in 2024.

One of my favorite HomeKit features is HomeKit Secure Video, which allows me to view and manage security camera footage right in the app Home. . There are many different cameras on the market that support this feature, and here are my favorites as I have tested many HomeKit accessories over the years.

What is HomeKit Secure Video?

HomeKit Secure Video is Apple's footage recording and management platform from CCTV cameras. Everything is done directly through the Home app, where you can manage settings, view recording history, and view live feeds from your cameras.

There are several benefits to using HomeKit Secure Video. For example, everything is fully end-to-end encrypted. It's also nice to be able to see all your cameras and recordings in the Home app, as well as controls for other smart home accessories.

Additionally, when you use your camera through HomeKit Secure Video, you don't have to rely on the camera manufacturer's app or cloud service. This means you don't have to worry about the camera manufacturer's security measures. Just be sure to turn off all recording in that manufacturer's app.

However, one of the biggest drawbacks of HomeKit Secure Video is that it doesn't record continuous video. Instead, it only records specific “events”. for example, when motion is detected. This is great in most cases, but it means that if there is a crash and HomeKit can't catch the event, you won't have any recourse.

There are two more things to keep in mind. First, you'll need an iCloud+ subscription to use HomeKit Secure Video. Of course, this also gives you other iCloud+ benefits such as more iCloud storage, iCloud Private Relay, and Hide My Email.

  • $0.99 per month: 1 camera
  • $2.99 ​​per month: 5 cameras.
  • $9.99 per month: unlimited cameras.

Finally, you will also need “home hub” ” use HomeKit Secure Video. HomePod, HomePod mini and Apple TV can serve as a home hub.

best HomeKit secure video cameras

Ecobee SmartCamera

Ecobee makes some of the best smart thermostats on the market, and in 2021 it entered the security camera market with its SmartCamera model. At launch, the Ecobee SmartCamera was difficult to recommend due to its high price and lack of HomeKit Secure Video.

Over the years, however, the Ecobee SmartCamera has become much more attractive. It's now competitively priced at $99 and supports HomeKit Secure Video. Plus, if you have other Ecobee accessories, you can put together a whole-house system quite easily. It features a 1080p camera, two-way audio, premium design, and more.

Ecobee SmartCamera can be found on Amazon for $99.99.

Eufy C120

My first experience with HomeKit Secure Video was with the Eufy Indoor Cam C120. You won't find any bells and whistles in it, but I can report that it is very solid in terms of performance and reliability. Never before have I gone into the Home app to check a live stream or view recordings and received an error message.

Features include 1080p resolution via HomeKit, two-way audio, and an adjustable (but plastic) stand. For more details, read my full review of the Eufy Indoor Cam C120. Additionally, it can be used exclusively through HomeKit Secure Video, which eliminates the security concerns associated with Eufy and Anker.

Best of all, the Eufy Indoor Cam C120 is the cheapest option on this list. A single camera sells for less than $45 on Amazon, and a set of two can be purchased for less than $80.

Logitech Circle View

One of my other HomeKit rugged video cameras is made by Logitech. The Logitech Circle View can be used as an indoor or outdoor camera thanks to its weatherproof design. However, you will have to keep it within reach of an outlet since it is a wired camera. I have two of these cameras and have found them to be very reliable.

Compared to the aforementioned Eufy camera, the Logitech Circle View has several notable features such as improved night vision, a more premium design, and a wide-angle camera 180 degrees.

These are more expensive models. features are more expensive. The Logitech Circle View will cost you $139.99 on Amazon. However, the versatility of weatherproofing for outdoor use is a big advantage.

Eve Outdoor Cam

One of the best and most feature-rich outdoor cameras with HomeKit Secure Video comes from Eve. The Eve Outdoor Camera features a versatile and rugged design with 1080p resolution, two-way talk and night vision. Notably, it also has a built-in spotlight that can be automatically activated based on motion detection.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Eve Outdoor Camera is not wireless. It requires both a neutral wire and a connection to a ground wire.

The Eve Outdoor Camera is expensive, but it's worth it if you don't mind the wired design. You can find it on Amazon for under $250.

Additional Features

  • Eve Cam – Smart Indoor Camera
  • Aqara G2H Pro CCTV Camera
  • Aqara 2K E1 Indoor CCTV Camera


These are HomeKit rugged video cameras that I have used and can vouch for. And you? What HomeKit rugged video cameras do you use? Let us know about it in the comments. I'll be sure to update this list as I try new cameras.

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