The Waterfield Vision Pro Shield case is half the size of the Apple travel case

by Tim Hardwick

Waterfield has announced its own Vision Pro Shield case, a more compact alternative to Apple's official $199 travel case for the company's new headset.

Apple Vision Pro Travel Case (left) compared to Waterfield's
According to Waterfield, its Shield Case is half the size of Apple's and its Shield Case is easier to move, but Provides essential protection and the ability to organize and carry related accessories on the go. This is achieved through the use of removable Vision Pro parts.

WaterField took advantage of the ease with which the Vision Pro head straps can be removed to significantly reduce the size of their Vision Pro. Shield case. The new Apple headset rests on one side with the front cover in place, and the soft accessory pouch—for charger, cables, cleaning cloth, one or both headbands, and Zeiss lenses in Ultrasuede® pockets—fits perfectly inside the headset. bending the headset on the other. This design not only saves space, but also keeps the headset securely in place, and the padding of the case provides another additional layer of protection.

A soft pocket for the battery at the bottom of the flap is located so that the weight of the battery does not rest on the headset (users can detach the battery from the cable using the SIM tray eject tool), and the external zippered pocket can be used for additional accessories and includes a hidden AirTag pocket.

The 5-liter suitcase is surrounded by impact-resistant closed-cell foam and lined with fleece. A two-way waterproof YKK zipper surrounds the case on three sides and is supported by a fleece bumper that protects the contents from the zipper. The case also features a low-profile handle and D-rings for attaching an optional shoulder strap.

The WaterField Vision Pro Shield case is available in vegan ($159) and leather ($179) ). ) color options and can be pre-ordered now on the Waterfield website. Vegan and leather models will begin shipping on February 15th and 22nd, respectively.

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