The US Supreme Court refused to hear the VirnetX patent case, saving Apple $503 million

Julie Clover

The US Supreme Court today said it will not hear the VirnetX patent case against Apple, ending a 14-year legal battle and ultimately saving Apple $502.8 million.

As CNBC notes, the Supreme Court did not take into account the US Court's March 2023 ruling. The Federal Circuit's appeals will stand so Apple will not have to pay damages that VirnetX won in 2020.

VirnetX won a successful jury trial against Apple in 2020, and Apple was found to have infringed VirnetX's patents by iPhone VPN on demand feature. The two patents involved in the case were later invalidated by a separate ruling from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

After Apple appealed the original 2020 ruling, it was able to argue for invalidation of the patents and receive original award overturned by federal appeals court. VirnetX attempted to take the patent invalidation case to the Supreme Court but was denied.

VirnetX is seen as a patent-owning company or a “patent troll” that offers no real products or services. The company generates revenue by suing tech companies that infringe or license its patents.

Although Apple won't have to pay $503 million as a result of this particular trial, Apple did have to shell out $440 million in 2019 dollars for violating VirnetX rules. patents for the security of communications using FaceTime and iMessage.

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