The Peloton app will soon let you form teams with friends and family

The latest update to the Peloton app includes training that allows members to form teams with their friends and family.

Discovered by the APK Insight team at 9to5Google, the Peloton app version 3.20 introduces some new in-game text describing how to team up with other Pelotons. members.

Create a team

Move forward with teams

Work with friends and the Peloton community team for achieve your fitness goals

According to the tips available, you will be able to form teams with up to 2,000 Peloton members. By joining a team, you can work together to achieve common fitness goals.

When creating or editing your team, you will have full control over the name and description, and you can choose whether your team will be public or private. We expect the teams to appeal to families, clubs, groups of friends and groups. Notably, it is currently unclear whether you can be part of more than one Peloton team at the same time.

Team Name

What is the name your team?

What does your team do?

You can change your team details at any time


Maximum 2000 members

Thinking a little further, we speculate that there may be some competitive aspects to team building, perhaps encouraging participants to push themselves so that their team can outperform their opponent. team. Some may also feel driven to contribute the most to their team's success, which also creates some internal competition within teams.

The development of Peloton teams appears to still be in its early stages. For example, the option to leave the team is clearly marked as “Not Implemented.” As such, we expect it will be at least a few months before teams appear in the app.

Leave Teams (not yet implemented)

As is always the case when it comes to unfinished features found in app code, there is also the possibility that Peloton may not be running commands at all. In the meantime, we'll keep an eye on this feature and others coming in future updates.

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