The Matter 1.3 specification adds energy reporting, electric vehicle charging, water management support, and more.

Julie Clover

The Communications Standards Alliance (CSA) today announced the debut of the new Matter 1.3 specification, available to device and platform manufacturers. Matter is a smart home protocol that enables smart devices to run on multiple platforms, including HomeKit.

Matter 1.3 adds support for a number of new device types and features, including water management devices, electric vehicle chargers, kitchen and laundry appliances, and TVs.

For smart plugs and other devices, updates includes energy management reports allowing users to see actual and estimated power, voltage and current measurements both in real time and over time. EV Charging manufacturers can include Matter-based features such as manually starting and stopping charging, adjusting charging speed, and optimizing charging time.

Water management devices such as leak and freeze detectors, rain sensors, and monitored water . Matter 1.3 supports valves, as well as several new types of appliances, including microwaves, ovens, cooktops, hoods, and dryers.

For TVs, Matter 1.3 improves initialization and casting search, and adds support for push- messages and dialogue to create atmospheric experiences, enhanced interactivity of TV applications and better interaction with other devices in the home.

The new specification supports scenes, allowing product manufacturers and platforms to set, read and activate scenes. on devices. Scenes for Matter work like ‌HomeKit‌ scenes, allowing users to set the desired state of rooms and devices with a single command. Matter controllers can also now combine multiple commands into a single message when communicating with Matter devices to reduce latency between command executions.

Matter 1.3 devices and improvements will likely be available to market later this year, with additional information can be found on the CSA website.

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