The M3 MacBook Air arrives, the Apple Vision Pro remains, and the Apple Car goes

MacBook Air with (screen inset) Apple Car mockup

We had one a month with Apple Vision Pro, we're seeing weird days with EU and Epic Games, plus the M3 MacBook Air is here, all on the AppleInsider podcast.

While one part of Apple was busy launching the all-new Apple Vision Pro computing platform, another was moving forward with the Mac. The new MacBook Air M3 was quietly released this week, and it's a case of nothing has changed on the outside, but it's a lot faster on the inside.

Although the M3 MacBook Air is now Apple's newest device, we're still in the very early stages of Apple Vision Pro development . So, Wes Hilliard talks about a month of wearing the headset — and, while an avowed fan of the device, he still knows there's plenty to criticize.

Additionally, more details have been revealed about the Apple Car's cancellation, and it's not what you'd call a pretty story. When we piece together the various pieces of information, it appears that Project Titan was an amazing mess from the very beginning.

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  • The new MacBook Air M3 features faster Wi-Fi and improved performance
  • Early tests of the MacBook Air M3 are not surprising
  • Abandoned $10 billion Apple Car project is being called a “Titanic disaster” by employees
  • Apple's failed “Project Titan” ' was a gamble with full self-driving.
  • Apple stood at the crossroads of indecision that led to the slow death of Project Titan.
  • Apple highlights the security risks associated with compliance with the EU Digital Markets Act.
  • Apple cites a group of fearful users to support its case against DMA EU.
  • Apple changes course on ending Progressive Web Apps in the EU.
  • Setapp announces beta test of iOS App Store for EU.
  • Spotify and Epic is complaining again. that Apple will not comply with DMA.
  • European Union fines Apple $2 billion for streaming music.
  • Apple Updates EU DMA Compliance Rules to Address Developer Concerns
  • >

  • Epic Games' “Variously Untrusted” App Store Plans for iOS in the EU Canceled by Apple
  • Apple Vision Pro of the Month Review: A New Reality Is Arriving
  • A software engineer wore the Apple Vision Pro to his wedding, much to the chagrin of his new bride.
  • Three mistakes Apple made when launching Vision Pro.
  • Spatial video capture: Apple Vision Pro versus iPhone. 15 Pro
  • A 20.3-inch foldable MacBook coming in 2027.
  • Watch 51 classic movies for free on Apple TV+.
  • Now you can save up to $1 million. in your Apple Card savings account.
  • Apple Card savings data is now available in more third-party budget apps.
  • Apple's Next CEO: Who Could Be Tim Cook's Successor?
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