The Justice Department's lawsuit is an attempt to turn iPhone into Android, Apple claims

Today, the US Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple with the purported goal of “freeing up smartphone markets.” against Apple's anti-competitive and restrictive behavior and restoring competition.”

Apple has a different angle, saying the lawsuit aims to turn the iPhone into an Android phone.

An Apple spokesperson today explained that the Justice Department's lawsuit is essentially aimed at making the iPhone look and feel like an Android device. actually harms competition.

Part of Apple's argument is that bringing more Android-like qualities to the iPhone would effectively take away consumer choice. Apple explains that one of the advantages of the iPhone is its privacy and security, and if the Justice Department wins, it will have to make significant compromises on these issues.

The US Department of Justice's lawsuit, the full text of which you can read here, is directed against the iPhone in almost every aspect. This includes the App Store, iMessages, CarPlay, FaceTime, iCloud and more.

9to5Mac's Opinion

When you look at it in that frame, it definitely seems like the DOJ's desired outcome would be less competition, not more.

More about the US lawsuit against Apple: 

  • The United States has sued Apple: the full text of the Department of Justice lawsuit can be read here.
  • Apple says the Justice Department is “a threat to who we are” as it promises to “vigorously defend” against an antitrust lawsuit against the iPhone.
  • Apple says it has spent three years trying to implement Apple Watch on Android.
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