The iPod Nano rarely appears in Apple's ads for the thinner iPad Pro

By Joe Rossignol

The new iPad Pro dethroned the iPod nano as Apple's thinnest device ever, and the company showed off the feat in a nostalgic ad.

In a video posted on TikTok and other social networks, Apple shows off the new 13-inch iPad Pro, which is just 5.1mm thick compared to the iPod's 5.4mm. nano. The model shown is the seventh generation iPod nano, released in 2012.

Apple discontinued the iPod nano in 2017, and this is the first time we've seen the device appear in an ad in a long time.

Even the 11-inch iPad Pro is now thinner than the iPod nano, as Apple explains:

The new iPad Pro—Apple's thinnest product ever—features a stunningly thin and light design that's portable to an all-new level. The 11-inch model is just 5.3mm thick, while the 13-inch model is even thinner at 5.1mm, and both are just as durable as the previous model. The 11-inch model weighs less than a pound, and the 13-inch model is nearly a quarter pound lighter than its predecessor, allowing professional users to expand their workflows in new ways and in more places.

New Models iPad Pro is available to order now and will go on sale on May 15.

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