The best smart scales for Apple Health

Whether you're trying to lose a few pounds or track your weight for other purposes, a smart scale that syncs data to your iPhone could be interesting and a useful way to keep track of your status.

If you want to easily collect your weight and other measurements in the Health app on iPhone and iPad (new in iPadOS 17), the trick is to find scales that work with HealthKit.

Sync your weight with the Health app

HealthKit is Apple's iOS platform for sharing granular health data between Apple's built-in Health app on iPhone (and iPad fall) and third-party health apps, such as those from smart scale manufacturers. When you weigh yourself, HealthKit-compatible scales sync the data with its own app and then transfer it to the Apple Health app along with other health data collected by Apple Watch.


  • Wi-Fi Body Scale (Amazon) Under $60
  • Wi-Fi Body+ Body Composition Scale (Amazon) Under $100
  • Body Cardio Wi-Fi Smart Scale that Measures Body Composition and Heart Rate (Amazon) Under $150

Withings also has the most advanced smart scaler for $400, but the basic weight sync isn't worth the money.

  • Withings Body ($59) Great for easily determining your weight and body mass. index and display in the Apple Health app.
  • Withings Body+ ($99) records weight and BMI in addition to body composition: water, muscle mass, fat mass, and bone mass.
  • Withings Body Cardio ($179) includes everything from Body+ plus heart rate readings.

Withings Body+ is a scalable HealthKit solution that I have been using for many years. The Health Mate app is great for viewing weight data in charts, which may display information differently than the Apple Health app. I never have to worry about my weight not showing up in the Health app after weighing myself. It's tested and trusted.

The cheaper Withings Body model is my suggestion for those on a budget or who only care about weight and BMI registration. The more expensive Withings Body Cardio adds a rechargeable battery for its premium price, but in the age of the Apple Watch, a built-in heart rate monitor is a harder sell.


  • QardioBase X (Amazon) under $100

If you're not impressed with Withings, Qardio has an attractive but expensive alternative. QardioBase X ($100) captures weight, body fat percentage, and body mass index data for the Health app on iPhone.

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Renpho is available on Amazon, it tracks a number of other metrics besides weight (and as someone who struggled with weight for decades and worked with a weight loss doctor, lost over 100 pounds and kept it off for 5 years, controlled diabetes, etc.) – the ~$20 Refo scale is within 10% across the board on a dozen or so body weight measurements, as is the MD scale, which costs well over $20k. It works with both Android and iHealth and has been for many years. It's Bluetooth, uses AAA batteries, measures in both lbs and kg with an accuracy of 0.2 lbs (again, calibrates pretty well to my MD's scale). Received over 300 thousand five star reviews on Amazon and there's no love here at all. Why?

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The QardioBase X also features a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 12 months on a single charge like the Withings Body Cardio, rather than consumable batteries that need to be replaced after 18 months like the Withings Body and Body+. Plus it's USB-C, like most Apple devices.

Budget options

  • Eufy BodySense smart scales (Amazon)
  • GE Smart Scale (Amazon)

Although I have no experience with Eufy, this brand has a $30 smart scale with over 12,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.7 rating stars. Eufy BodySense records weight, BMI, body fat percentage, bone mass, muscle mass and other metrics that sync with Apple Health.

GE also offers HealthKit-compatible smart scales at list price 39 $.99. The GE model is an Amazon's Choice product.

Do you have a favorite smart scale that syncs with the Health app on your iPhone? Share your recommendation in the comments below.

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