The Apple Vision Pro extension will arrive in Australia and Japan, likely in April or May.

Apple Vision Pro

Apple has posted job listings related to Apple Vision Pro in Australia and Japan, indicating a launch outside The US could be just weeks away.

Apple Vision Pro launched in the US on February 2, and Apple said it will be released in other countries later in 2024. There are no details yet on the timing of a wider launch, but recent job postings may provide hints.

Job listings have been found in Australia and Japan, suggesting that a launch in these countries will take place in the near future. Today, loyal international fans have resorted to purchasing the Apple Vision Pro in the US and bringing it back to their countries.

Apple is hiring a Briefing Specialist in the Sales and Business Development category in Australia and Japan. Positions include demonstrating Apple Vision Pro product features, conducting executive briefings and developing custom demos, according to the listings.

Historically, it takes about a month to fill such positions. This timeline, as well as the emergence of job listings, suggests that Apple is preparing to launch Apple Vision Pro in more countries in late April or early May.

Apple Vision Pro job listings

Apple previously said Apple Vision Pro would launch in more countries later this year, but has held off on providing any specific date. The last official mention of Apple Vision Pro expanding to more countries came during Apple's earnings call in January.

Apple Vision Pro starts at $3,499 and is currently only available in the US. International prices are obviously not yet available.

Job listings related to Apple Vision Pro were discovered by AppleInsider reader Daniele.

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