The Apple Vision Pro battery power cable is removable

by Julie Clover

The cable that connects the Vision Pro battery to the headset for power appears to be locked in place, but can actually be detached if needed.

Journalist Ray Wong was able to use a SIM card contact to “unlock” the cable, and once he did this, it was removed from the battery. There is a small hole next to the cable that appears to be a locking mechanism.

The cable that secures the battery pack to the headset is similar to the Lightning cable, but it has too many pins to be used use. Lightning. Instead, it is a proprietary cable that cannot be connected to other accessories or used for other purposes.

Apple probably made the cable removable so that it can be replaced without having to replace the entire battery pack in case of any damage to the cable.

Vision Pro comes with one battery, with additional modules available for $199 each. Each battery powers the Vision Pro for approximately two to three hours depending on the content. The battery also has a USB-C port that can be used with a USB-C cable to charge the battery with support for pass-through charging.

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