The App Store releases an exclusive clip from Taylor Swift's 'Eras ​​Tour' ahead of its Disney+ premiere

Apple didn't win streaming rights to Eras Tour movie, but partnered to promote Tomorrow&#8217 ;launch on Disney+.

An exclusive, never-before-seen clip from the film is currently available in the App Store app and can be viewed here. The clip features a snippet of the song “cardigan,” which is a new addition to the streaming version of the film.

Swift's version of the film, Eras Tour, was previously made available on VOD following a powerful theatrical run at the end. last year.

Tomorrow, when Taylor Swift releases on Disney+, The Eras Tour (Taylor's Version) will include bonus content of five songs not included in previously released versions. One of them is “cardigan”, as seen in an exclusive clip from the App Store, along with four additional acoustic versions.

The App Store promotion is being held all over the world today. You can stream the Eras Tour on Disney+ starting at 6:00 pm PT on March 14.

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