Tesla Ultra Wideband update improves the experience of unlocking cars using iPhone


Tesla owners will soon find that unlocking their electric car using an iPhone will be easier, as the automaker introduced Ultra-Broadband support that will improve the performance of mobile applications.

Update 2024.2.3 for Tesla vehicles introduces Ultra Wideband support, specifically for use with Phone Dongle. The update, which is gradually rolling out to vehicles, brings big changes to how Tesla Phone Key works for users.

With Ultra Wideband's ability to perform highly accurate location tracking beyond what Bluetooth can do, it should allow the vehicle to determine where a phone key-enabled device is located in relation to it.

Although Tesla uses phone keys to unlock vehicles, the Not a Tesla app reports that the car may sometimes not realize the driver's smartphone is nearby. It usually works automatically, but if it fails, the driver needs to unlock their phone and access the Tesla app before they can log in.

The use of ultra-broadband should reduce the number of such cases and further improve the quality of service. For example, by determining which of several drivers is closest to the driver's side of the vehicle, the driver profile can be customized to suit that specific driver.

After updating the vehicle's firmware, owners will see a notification in the Tesla app to update their phone key. They will then need to grant the app access to the ultra-broadband network, which the iPhone calls Nearby Interactions, in the Settings app under Privacy & Security. Safety.

Not all Teslas will receive support for ultra-wideband, but its use has been confirmed in the new Model 3 and 2023 Model X models. The first generation Model 3 and current Model Y models do not currently support UWB.

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