Tesla Driver Admits He Wasn't Actually Arrested for the Stupid Vision Pro Stunt (Unfortunately)

We've seen a lot of dumb tricks since Vision Pro launched on Friday, and perhaps none have been more viral and dumber than Dante Lentini driving a Tesla while wearing a Vision Pro.

And while Lentini's video might make you believe he was pulled over by the police for a stunt, that's unfortunately not the case. case.

I'm sure you've already seen this video. Lentini posted this on Friday, shortly after the Vision Pro was released. He can be seen in the Vision Pro, knocking and typing in the air, and driving his Tesla. At the end of the video, a police car with its lights on drives up to Tesla, but unfortunately, that police car wasn't near Lentini.

Gizmodo spoke with Lentini about the video:

He claims he only drove his Tesla for 30-40 seconds with the headset on.

“[I] was in the right place at the right time,” he said . “That’s why we filmed the police.” In other words, he videotaped police officers performing unrelated duties to make people believe he was being arrested.

Lentini has deleted several tweets discussing the incident since this article was published.

Apple warns Vision Pro users not to use the device while driving. US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg also posted on social media: “Reminder: ALL advanced driver assistance systems available today require the human driver to remain in control and fully involved in the operation of the vehicle at all times.” /p>

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