Take a golf cart ride through Apple Park with Greg Joswiak and other Apple executives [Video]

Brian Tong was given a unique opportunity for his latest YouTube video: a golf cart ride through Apple Park with guests stars from different countries. various Apple executives. The video is dedicated to the “State of the iPhone”. on topics ranging from the iPhone camera to artificial intelligence and much more.

The video features:

  • Kaynann Drance, Vice President of iPhone Product Marketing
  • Alok Desphand, camera software development.
  • Anand Shimpi, hardware technology.
  • Della Huff, photography and camera product marketing.
  • Greg Joswiak , Senior Vice President, Worldwide. Marketing

There are several interesting moments in the video, including Chimpy talking about Apple's plans for artificial intelligence:

You'll look at some of the early camera uses we've had for some time, from understanding the scene to setting up the camera and ultimately improving the final image capture.

But also, you're already seeing developers releasing things like Stable Diffusion and large language models to devices today.

So, I can't talk about the future, but I think Tim mentioned that, you know, we have some interesting things coming, but I can say that from a hardware and software perspective, I think we’ we are in a very good position.

Regarding whether the iPhone is in a state of “stabilization,”” Joswiak says:

Every time I think the iPhone is as perfect as it can be, what else can we do to make it better? Our amazing team finds a way to show how we can make it not just a little better, but they can make it a lot better.

And I look at the iPhone 15 generation, and it’ just let's get the camera, okay? So the iPhone 15 Pro camera isn't just that, it's much better than the iPhone 14 Pro camera and far superior to what we did a few years ago.

I know you're looking at the iPhone 11s, that was five years ago and it's just a few miles further away. And this is so important because people record every moment of their daily lives, right? This is what changed all of us.

One of the things about this, and it's not just social media, although social media is a huge part of it.

And that's why the camera is so important, and just being able to shoot, you know, now up to 48MP , we have 3x zoom on the iPhone 15 Pro, we have 5x zoom on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, we use computational photography that just takes those spectacular shots that photos you'll keep for the rest of your life is important so that they are good.

But most of all I worry when I watch a video story. We're so proud of what we do with video on the iPhone that we don't really look at other smartphones as competitors.

We look at professional video cameras as really the benchmark that we're dealing with, right ? How do we make cameras that good?

And I think we did that with the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. The video is absolutely amazing.

Watch Brian's full video below and stay tuned until the end to see Josah get hit by a golf cart.

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