T-Mobile teams up with Cisco to launch end-to-end 5G business Internet “Connected Workplace”

Today, T-Mobile unveils its latest 5G internet offering. The Connected Workplace is committed to providing a comprehensive business solution that includes high performance, Cisco Meraki devices, a cloud-managed network platform, 24/7 support, and more.

This morning, T-Mobile announced new 5G business internet in an editorial news release aimed at midsize businesses with multiple locations.

Business network infrastructure is complex, especially for mid-sized organizations with multiple branches and retail outlets. For too long, small IT teams have had the daunting task of putting all the pieces together to create a complete connectivity stack that connects everything from point-of-sale systems to video surveillance systems to IoT applications and more. They must cobble together regional ISPs, disparate hardware, and management software from multiple vendors just to create a functional network infrastructure. And to complicate matters further, all of these moving parts have their own contracts, different pricing plans, and support models. This complexity isn't just a headache—it's an unnecessary burden on IT and often results in limited scalability and reduced security. Nobody wants that.

T-Mobile Connected Workplace Features

Here's what T-Mobile says about its new 5G business plan:

  • Unlimited nationwide business Internet powered by America's most award-winning 5G network
  • Managed services including:
    • Includes on-site design and installation.
    • Includes 5G gateway and Wi-Fi hotspot device upgrades, as well as software license renewals.
    • Proactive operation 24×7. monitoring of the network and connected devices.
    • Unlimited same-day configuration changes.
    • 24×7 support with on-site equipment repair or replacement.
  • Cisco Meraki cloud-managed networking solutions, including 5G gateways, access points, switches, IoT sensors, and smart cameras.
  • Cloud security powered by Cisco Meraki firewall
  • Cisco Access to Meraki control panel for comprehensive cloud network management.

T-Mobile Connected Workplace is now available nationwide. Here you can check if new affordable 5G business internet is available in your area.

T-Mobile also offers residential 5G home internet to more than 50 million U.S. households.

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