T-Mobile beats Verizon and AT&T in all mobile metrics, says manufacturer Speedtest Ookla

Ookla unveils Q4 2023 US mobile data report, and T-Mobile retains top spot for fastest downloads as well as loading speed, minimum latency, maximum consistency, video quality and much more. That's how much faster and better T-Mobile performed than Verizon and AT&T in a new report.

To end 2023, T-Mobile&nbsp ;continued to outperform competitors in the cellular service industry, median download speeds are more than 2 times faster than Verizon and AT&T. 

And Uncarrier beat out every other metric measured by Ookla. The latest independent data from Ookla largely confirms what we saw last week from Opensignal.

However, Opensignal data showed that Verizon took first place in some 5G performance metrics, while Ookla saw T-Mobile top all of them. Okay, here are all the details…

Mobile speeds in the US in the fourth quarter of 2023

In the fourth quarter of 2023, T-Mobile's median download speed was 188.96 Mbps. Verizon and AT&T had median download speeds about half as fast, at 91.62 and 90.82 Mbps, respectively.

In terms of median download speeds, the major US carriers were within ~5 Mbps, with T-Mobile leading the way with 12.19 Mbps.

In latency, T-Mobile just beat out Verizon and AT&T with an average of 50 ms. :

In terms of stability, T-Mobile scored 87.3%.

Here's how Ookla describes the metric: “When measuring the consistency of each carrier's performance metrics, we found that T-Mobile had the highest consistency in the US in the fourth quarter of 2023, with 87.3% of results showing Download Speed at least 5 Mbit/s and upload speed 1 Mbit/s. They are followed by Verizon Wireless and AT&T with 83.7% and 81.3%, respectively.”

T-Mobile also leads the top three in video performance:

By In median 5G download speeds, T-Mobile still leads by a good margin at 238.87 Mbps, but Verizon made some gains with an average speed of nearly 200 Mbps.

Ookla's results also show that T-Mobile took first place. for 5G video, 5G low latency, and 5G stability.

You can view the full report for more details, including regional performance and more.

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