Spotify complains that Apple did not approve updates to EU subscription prices and links

By Julie Clover

Apple has not approved an update to Spotify's app that adds subscription pricing information and links to its website, Spotify said in an email to the European Commission today (via The Verge). Spotify says Apple “has not acknowledged or responded” to the App Store application.

The European Commission fined Apple nearly $2 billion on March 4 and said Apple abused its dominant market position by preventing music streaming services from communicating more affordable subscription prices to users outside of its iOS apps. The European Commission has said that under EU antitrust rules it is “illegal” to prevent Apple from telling developers about cheaper music subscription options to customers.

Apple has been told it must “remove anti-steering provisions” in the European Union, and so 5 In March, Spotify introduced an app update that included subscription pricing tiers and payment options without using in-app purchases. Spotify says it has not received a response from Apple since the update was submitted.

Spotify told the European Commission that Apple's lack of response was “another example” of how Apple “will seek to circumvent and/or fail to comply with the Commission's decision.” Spotify has asked the EC to require Apple to approve the app update.

In a statement to The Verge, Spotify also said Apple's delay “directly contradicts” Apple's claims to process app applications within 24 hours, and ” defies the EU's timeline for adoption.

Nine days have passed and we are still waiting to hear from Apple about introducing our app to show prices for EU consumers and a link to our website , which we are now empowered to do by the European Commission's decision in the music streaming case. Apple's delay directly contradicts their claim that they review application applications within 24 hours, and also contradicts the acceptance deadlines set by the Commission.

Apple ruling The European Commission, which requires Apple elimination of anti-steering rules is unrelated to the changes to the app ecosystem that Apple made in the European Union with iOS 17.4 to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Under the terms of the DMA, Spotify is allowed to distribute the Spotify app to users EU outside the ‌App Store‌, but you will need to pay the Apple Core Technology Fee for each user. Spotify does not currently pay any fees to Apple.

DMA also allows Spotify to direct users to make purchases on its website, as well as provide information about promotions, discounts and in-app offers, but again, Spotify will need to agree to Apple's updated business terms and fees to implement these changes. Spotify did not clarify whether it accepted Apple's new terms or whether its update was sent without it.

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