Spike for Teams adds shared inbox support for easier team communication.

I've been a big fan of Spike for years and their new Teams plan is one of the most popular reliable alternatives to Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, which we've seen for quite some time now. Spike takes a different approach to managing your inbox by turning it into an iMessage-like app compared to a traditional email app. Today they just released a great feature for teams: a shared inbox.

“We are very We're excited to introduce Spike's Shared Inbox, which changes the game of teamwork,” he said. exclaimed Dvir Ben-Aroya, CEO of Spike. “With this new feature, teams can work together to respond to emails faster, delivering seamless communications, chat-speed support and increased productivity. Whether it's customer support, sales, recruiting, or teams with shared responsibility, Spike's shared inbox is the ideal solution for seamless collaboration.

Spike's Shared Inbox works with many of Spike's key features, including email templates, snooze, send later, reading indicators, magical AI, and more. Shared inboxes are great for sales teams that need to manage incoming sales inquiry emails, customer service teams, and IT help desks. This allows teams to manage incoming responses without having to send emails back and forth or wonder if someone has processed the request.

Especially with access to Magic AI, teams can quickly sift through shared inboxes, responding to customers that are on-brand and well thought out. Because it's part of Spike for Teams, you can easily add or remove people from shared inboxes as roles evolve and change.

Shared inbox works with paid Spike for Teams plans and you can easily access the shared inbox along with personal emails without having to switch between tabs or apps. It's built into Spike for iOS, macOS, Android, PC, and web.

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