Spatial Sprinkles is the fun and whimsical Vision Pro app we all need.

Developer Simon B. Stövring unveiled not one, but two of his own apps for Apple Vision Pro on launch day. First, there's Apple's own Vision Pro app for the Runestone text editor, Simon's excellent text editor with lots of different features.

Secondly, if you want to use the Vision Pro to immerse yourself or those around you in confetti, Simon has released some very fun and whimsical Spatial Sprinkles.

Runestone for Vision Pro

Here is a description of some of the features that Runestone offers for VisionOS:

  • A built-in VisionOS application specifically designed for the new Apple spatial computer.
  • Syntax highlighting, line numbers, search and replacement, page guide, custom themes and more.
  • Supports more than 25 programming languages.

The Runestone text editor is free to download. on the App Store with a one-time $9.99 in-app purchase to unlock a collection of premium features. A universal purchase gives you access to Premium for iOS, iPadOS, and VisionOS.

  • Choose from eight app icons.
  • Show line numbers.
  • Highlight selected line.
  • Increase line height and letter spacing.
  • Disable line wrap to allow horizontal scrolling.
  • Show tabs, spaces, and line breaks using the selected character . .
  • Enable page hints in a specific column to easily identify when rows are getting too long.
  • Add vertical and horizontal scrolling.
  • Remember the selected language for each file.
  • Keep file extensions and file names to always be treated as plain text files.
  • Enable soft tabs and select tab character width.
  • Choose whether pressing the tab key inserts a tab or indents a line.
  • Adjust the scale of Markdown headings and turn off highlighting of code blocks in Markdown.

Spatial Sprinkles

Secondly, Simon released Spatial Sprinkle for VisionOS, described as “the perfect confetti solution for Apple Vision Pro.”

Immerse yourself in a whimsical world with Spatial Sprinkles, an amazing confetti experience for Apple Vision Pro!

Immerse yourself in mesmerizing confetti Take a shower or shoot from a confetti cannon! Yes, you read that right: Spatial Sprinkles comes with a confetti cannon that shoots out bursts of joy whenever you need to celebrate ANYTHING, including birthdays, promotions, finding the remote under the couch, or watching the 10,000th episode of Our Days life.”

With Spatial Sprinkles, the fun knows no bounds: walk, dance and take part in a dazzling confetti spectacle. Enhance your reality and let the confetti chaos begin!

This looks like an incredibly fun app for VisionOS that I'll be checking out when my Vision Pro arrives today. You can download it from the App Store as a one-time purchase for $0.99.

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