Spark Mail gets “my writing style” – an AI-powered email assistant

By Julie Clover

Today Readdle announced the launch of a new AI feature called My Writing, built for the Spark email app.

Spark already had the ability to use AI to write emails in different styles such as formal, neutral and friendly, but the updated AI option is designed to write emails in each user's own voice. According to Riddle, it can reflect style, tone and personality traits “to a certain extent.”

Users can enable Spark AI in Spark's settings, and from there the app will select three samples of recently sent emails to analyze writing style. This style will then be applied to AI-generated emails and replies.

AI-generated text can be edited and reviewed before sending, and for those who don't want to, there is an option to turn off this feature. to use it. Spark expects the tool to be useful to journalists, content creators, researchers, academics, and professional teams.

Readdle recommends providing the AI ​​with simple prompts to achieve the best results, such as “write an introductory email to Bob, and suggest call tomorrow at 10:00.”

AI tool Spark uses Microsoft Azure OpenAI as its AI service provider and says the data is not used to train the model or stored for anything else than a month This feature requires Spark Premium. The Premium upgrade costs $7.99 per month or $59.99 per year.

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