Siri and Shortcuts are ready for the Grammys (and Taylor Swift)

The Grammy Awards are just around the corner, and Siri is ready to play some music. Siri can control Apple Music and other popular music streaming services with requests specifically tuned for the Grammy Awards. And Swifties can go even further with instant playback of Taylor Swift using Shortcuts and Apple Music or Spotify.

Siri and music streaming services

When you ask Siri to play music, the voice assistant works with Apple Music as well as other installed streaming services music on your iPhone. For example, you can ask Siri to play music from Pandora if that's your streaming service of choice.

Grammy Jam


Siri can help you prepare for the Grammys with a variety of prompts. Just ask Siri some of these queries:

  1. “Siri, play for this year’s Grammy nominees.”
  2. “Siri, what’s my favorite song?”
  3. “Siri, play the music I want.”
  4. “Siri, play music of the genre I like.”
  5. “Siri, play something I want.” haven't heard”
  6. “Siri, play today's hits”
  7. “Siri, play the latest song from (Taylor Swift for your favorite artist)”
  8. “Siri, create/create a radio station based on (an artist like Usher, or your favorite artist)”

With Apple's Shortcuts app, you can even create a dedicated button to play Taylor Swift with one tap. Spotify subscribers can shuffle Taylor Swift tracks with one button using this shortcut. Apple Music subscribers can play songs without shuffling them using this shortcut.

How to watch Grammy Awards

The 66th Annual Grammy Awards will air live on CBS and Paramount+ on Sunday, February 4th. Trevor Noah will host the 2024 Grammy Awards. The show will start at 17:00. Pacific Time/8:00 p.m. ET.

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