Safari 18 includes a new Highlights feature for summarizing articles and more.

Safari 18 introduces a new Highlights feature that can summarize articles and provide key information about the page

On Monday, Apple announced a new Safari feature called Highlights for iOS 18, which uses machine learning to create summaries and highlight other useful information about a web page.

Safari's new Highlights feature can provide users with useful information about pages as they browse them, according to Apple. This includes things like article summaries, directions, and quick links.

Safari Highlights was originally called “Intelligent Search” during development. The feature was discovered by AppleInsider in our exclusive report on Safari 18, months before release.

With Highlights, users can quickly discover and get up-to-date information about people, music, movies, TV shows, and places.

For example, when planning a trip, users will be able to get the most up-to-date location information. This may include a telephone number and address of a hotel that may be of interest to the user.

According to Apple, users will be able to play an artist's music from Highlights or get detailed information about a TV show or movie. .

Safari 18 also features a revamped Reader look that includes an AI-generated table of contents as well as summaries of news articles. The same types of summaries will also be available in the Highlights UI in Safari.

Safari 18 features a revamped Reader look with an AI-generated table of contents as well as a short description of the web page.

As we found out in our exclusive report on Apple's BlackPearl project, the company's artificial intelligence software is capable of generating a resume consisting of exactly three sentences. It looks like Safari 18 will use this type of summarization for highlights and the new Reader view.

Safari 18 also has a new view mode that immediately detects videos on a page and offers the option to move the video to picture-in-picture mode or switch to full-screen mode.

Notably, the new version of Safari lacks Apple's own content blocker called Web Eraser. Apple apparently abandoned the feature before its release, likely due to pressure and complaints from the British News Media Association as well as a group of French publishers.

The AI-powered Safari browser is just one of many new operating system updates Apple announced Monday. At the annual WWDC conference, the company announced iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia.

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